Replacing Peeling License Plates

We received a few inquiries lately regarding the procedure for replacing plates due to a peeling license plate. Here is how you should handle them.

The DMV (see email from MAAP dated 01-04-2017) will authorize Municipal Agents to replace peeling license plates at no charge to the customer after obtaining verbal permission. It is important to note that the plate replacement(s) must be the same plate number to be re-issued to qualify for a no charge replacement. If the customer would like to replace the peeling plate with a new plate number  you would process the replacement as a Mid-Stream plate change and the customer would pay the appropriate fees.

After receiving verbal authorization from the DMV you will need to perform the following steps in your Avitar Clerk software for a no charge plate replacement:

  • Select and process a Plate Replacement from the main menu.
  • Select No when the system asks if you want to charge a Municipal Agent Fee.
  • At Fee Settlement, select the State (State Short Slip) payment tab.
  • Select Short Slip For the Payment Method.
  • Enter the amount of the plate(s) fees (Total Amount Due).
  • Enter the plate number and “peeling” in the Credit/Short Comment text box.
  • Select the Research checkbox (this will automatically assign the research code RHDONTUE01 to the short slip).
  • Select the Town Payment tab and enter zero in the amount text box if the amount is not zero.
  • Select Pay.

The procedure above will generate a state short slip. Please note, if you did not select the Research checkbox you must contact the state Business Office for assistance as we are unable to change a short slip once it has been generated.

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