Post VISION Information

We have been working closely with DMV to identify and fix the issues you have reported to us. At this point we have resolved many of the issues, and continue to work on the remaining. We will be distributing a new update in the near future once it has been tested. In the meantime, below are a few items and workarounds worth noting:

  • Decal sequence order message:

Problem – Clerks were incorrectly getting a MAAP error message when processing registrations stating the decal number they entered was out of sequence.

Solution – In order to fix this issue, MAAP has removed all decal validation. This means that if you enter an incorrect decal number, you will no longer get a message stating it’s not your next decal. Therefore, it’s critical that you enter the correct decals and double check to make sure it is correct before you continue with the transaction.

  • Transaction times:

Problem – The transaction times when processing registrations over the counter can be a little slow, but more often the real problem occurs when processing a lockbox or online batch. The time it takes for each transaction to be returned from MAAP can be much longer than it previously took pre-VISION.

Solution – The transaction time is something Avitar and the State are aware of and we’ll both be working towards improving performance going forward.  However, this isn’t something that will be improved overnight or even in the span of a few days. It’s likely going to be weeks to months and we don’t expect that we’ll ever see pre-VISION transaction times. There may come a time that the State works towards optimizing a five second transaction but we’re not there yet. With that said, DMV would like you to report to them if you experience a transaction time greater than 30 seconds.

  •  Bad decal message:

Problem – Some of you have seen a new MAAP error message when processing a new registration with a new plate. The error message references “RGDDL”, which usually refers to a decal issue. However, using the next decal returns the same error message.

Solution – In order to process the transaction through MAAP, you must use the next plate in your inventory and the same decal you entered the first time. Note, you do not need to damage the plate you skipped, it can be used on the next new registration transaction.

We would like to thank all of you for your patience as we navigate our way through the new VISION system. Hopefully, you are not experiencing any new issues, but if you are please give us a call.



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