2019 Property Tax and Utility Bills Interest Rate Change

We wanted to remind you the 2019 Property Tax Bills and the 2019 Utility Bills have a new interest rate (per HB1673) that takes effect on April 1st, 2019.

HB1673 changes the interest rate on delinquent property taxes and utility bills from 12% to 8%. The liens for the unpaid 2019 invoices will change from 18% to 14%, and will not need to be changed until the 2019 invoices are liened (sometime in 2020). After April 1st, and before you import/calculate any new property or utility invoices, you will need to change the interest rates as follows:

In Tax Collect:

  • Go to Utilities | Town Settings | Rates, Fees, Deposits
  • Under the INTEREST RATES section, change the Property Tax amount from 12 to 8 and select Apply Changes.

In Utility Billing:

  • Go to Utilities | Town Maintenance | Rates, Reads, & Billing
  • Under the INTEREST RATES section, change the Water Bills and Sewer Bills from 12 to 8 and select Apply Changes.

This is the only change you need to make at this point. The lien rate should not be changed until you are ready to lien your 2019 unpaid taxes (sometime in 2020).

Below are links to more detailed information:
HB1673 New Interest Rate

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