Post-It Changes

In our latest Collect update (6.9.8), we added a few new options to the Post-Its menu. First, we added the Flash option to Receipt Post-Its (previously this was only available on Parcel Post-Its). Second, on these Flash Post-Its, for both Parcels and Receipts, we added an option somewhat clumsily described as “…And Make It Really Obvious.” When this option box is checked on a Post-It on which the Flash option has been enabled, the Post-It will display in the middle of the screen in bold and red (as opposed to upper right corner and in yellow).  As a result, you and your colleagues are more likely to actually acknowledge the message before moving on.

You will want to use the “…And Make It Really Obvious” option sparingly, but in cases where the Post-It message is really important, this option can be very beneficial.

For more information on this topic, please follow the link to our online documentation for Post-Its .

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