Emergency Order #25 Waiving/Abating Interest

We have received numerous calls, and seen emails circulating from the Tax Collectors’ Association, regarding the Governor’s Emergency Order #25. We feel it is a good time to comment on the issue from the software perspective.

Below is what we know (as of the date of this blog post):

  • Deeding – A municipality cannot deed a property until the order has been lifted. You will need to obtain deed waiver forms from your governing body to postpone the deeding process.
  • Liening – You should consult your governing body before you send out lien notices. They may decide to hold off on this process. Keep in mind, you must send your notice of intent to lien (RSA 80:60) no later than August 30th, and execute your lien (RSA 80:19) no later than September 30th.
  • Waiving/Abating Interest – This topic has a few more wrinkles to it:
    • According to Bernie Campbell, attorney for the New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association, the decision to waive/abate interest lies with your governing body, which means they get to decide IF they are going to waive/abate interest.
    • If your governing body decides to process abatements on the 2020 property tax first issue billing, please call us first so we can show you the proper way to post the abatements without affecting your second issue bills. This option, if not followed precisely, will make the customer’s fall bill incorrect and require a second abatement.
    • If your governing body wants to waive/abate interest, but are unsure of what the best option is, give us a call and we can discuss the best way to proceed.

As these are unusual circumstances in which we are all working these days, the above information may change. We will do our best to keep you informed.


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