How to Process an Address Change for a New Resident to Your Town

Joe Smith just moved to your town from a neighboring town. It is not renewal time, however, the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) requires Mr. Smith to change his address within 10 days of changing his residence, per Saf-C 511.07.

We have received numerous calls on how to process an address change without actually processing a transaction. This task is somewhat of an anomaly, as you will need to, in effect, process a transaction all the way through Fee Settlement in order for DMV to receive the change. But, which transaction should you process?

The simplest motor vehicle transaction to process would be Registration View/Maintenance. In Avitar Clerk:

  1. Click the MV icon.
  2. Under Registrations, click View/Maintenance.
  3. Enter plate number and click Search.
  4. Highlight the correct current registration and click Select.
  5. Update mailing/legal address and click Save.
  6. “Do you want to charge and agent fee for this change?
    1. Click No to waive the $3.00 agent fee.
    2. Click Yes to charge the $3.00 agent fee.
  7. Fee Settle.

Note: If your customer would like a new registration with their new address printed on it, you will need to have the customer fill out an RDMV111, pay the appropriate fee, and then you will process a Certified Copy instead.

For more answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ online documentation page or click the FAQ Icon in Avitar Clerk.

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