What Status Option Do I Choose When Processing an Online/Lockbox Error Transaction?

There has been some confusion regarding which Status option you should select when there is an error while processing Online/Lockbox batch files.

There are a few reasons why you may need to change a transaction status. The main reason being: an error. An ERROR status will occur when a transaction fails the validation process. You will be unable to proceed with the ERROR transaction until you address the issue. To view the details regarding the error, select the Edit box to the right of the transaction.  Once you determine whether or not the error can be fixed, you will need to select a different Status (OTC, IGNORED, CREDIT):

  • OTC (Over the Counter) – the OTC option is used when you choose to process the transaction manually (as opposed to the batch payment processing), while still in your online location.
    • For example: if a renewal has a status of ERROR: “The owners on the registration and title don’t match”, you will not be able to complete the batch process for this renewal.  In order to complete the registration, you will need to close the batch processing, research the owner difference, fix the problem, and complete the registration over the counter, while still in your online location.  Once you have completed the over the counter registration, go back into the batch processing, edit the ERROR status, and change to OTC.  This will indicate you have already processed this transaction, so it will not be included in your batch processing, thereby duplicating the transaction.
  • IGNORED – this option should only be selected if the transaction should not be processed in Avitar Clerk at all.
    • For example: a property tax payment, which belongs to another department, was incorrectly loaded in with your payment batch in Avitar Clerk.
  • CREDIT (formerly referred to as SUSPENSE) – is used when you are unable to process this renewal at this time. The money will be reflected as a credit on your financials and the customer will now have a credit on his/her account that can be refunded or used for a future transaction.

Please see our online documentation for more information on the Invoice Cloud and Lockbox processes.

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