Creating Categories in Town Clerk Services

In our latest Clerk software update 3.4.4, we added the ability to add Categories to your Town Clerk Services. The Category option was added to help you organize and simplify the available services. For example, you have multiple services that all fall into the same Category (Beach Permits, Building Permits, Zoning Permits), you can now create a Category called Permits. After you add the Category, you will assign the individual services to their respective Categories.

Once categories have been added and services have been assigned, the next time you process a service, simply select the Category to display the available Services. Using our Permits example, when you are processing a service, such as a Building Permit, select the Category “Permits” to view your permit options.

For step by step instructions on how to add Categories and assign Services to those Categories, please continue to our online documentation: Create a Category.

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