Delinquent Payment File Requests from Real Estate Service Companies

It is that time of year again. Time when the Real Estate Service companies (e.g. Corelogic, Wells Fargo, Lereta, etc.) are requesting your delinquent payment files be sent to them.

We get many calls for assistance with this procedure, and believe a short blog post will help you in this process.

To create and send these files:

  1. Open Tax Collect and log in
  2. Click Utilities | Real Estate Services | Export Invoices
  3. Choose All Property and Lien Invoices
  4. Check the box Only Export Unpaid Invoices
  5. Under Export Location, click Browse
  6. Choose your Desktop
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Export (this will create both a tretts.txt file and a treadme.txt file)
  9. Email BOTH files to the Real Estate Companies making the request

For more information, and to view some helpful screen shots, please follow this link to our online documentation: Export Invoices

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