Dog Civil Forfeitures and Licensing

The season of the dreaded Civil Forfeiture process for all dog owners who have failed to renew/license their dog(s) for last year is upon us. We wanted to remind you of an option we added to our Clerk software in our update 3.4.4.

Previously when a group of unlicensed dogs (for one owner) was assessed the Civil Forfeiture fee, one fee would be added to the group. We added the option to assess one Civil Forfeiture fee per dog in the group. To charge one Civil Forfeiture fee per dog, go to Utilities | System Administration | System Options | Dog Licensing tab. Select “Charge Civil Forfeiture Per Dog” and select Save.

The RSAs concerning the Civil Forfeiture process are very specific with regard to when you need to complete the steps. Please click on the following links for instructions on how to Print Forfeiture Letters & Assign Costs to Dogs, and to view a timeline of the Dog Civil Forfeiture process.

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